Portable Table Dryer – APST 2033

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Electrical Safety Certification Number: HD07254-1001A

Height : Highest-75cm, Minimum-65cm
weight : 11 kg
motor : 70 W
heater : 1800 W
Air flow : 2-stage (breeze, strong wind)
Temperature control : 4 steps (natural wind, low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature)

  • It is a product designed to be used on a table as a commercial dog dryer.
  • 70W strong wind volume (breeze and strong wind) can be used freely, improving work efficiency.
  • With 2000W strong temperature and 4 stages (natural wind, low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature), you can freely adjust the temperature you want.
  • Height and height adjustment is free. (Max 75cm ~ Min 65cm)
    180 degree up and down angle and 360 degree left and right angle work at the desired angle.
  • By adopting the double suction network system, it minimized the foreign material suction and the failure rate of the motor.
  • Improved working efficiency by allowing the dryer nozzle part to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

-Do not disassemble at your discretion.
-Do not allow water to enter the product.
-Regularly remove foreign substances from the vents.(It causes the trouble)


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