Prunus Skin Care Shampoo

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Semi-medicated shampoo (Prevention of skin disease, dandruff, dryness and keratinization)

Skin Care Shampoo is an innovative dog’s skin care shampoo with a typical shampoo application. The shampoo provides excellent cleansing effect, but also outstanding prevention effects from skin disease, dandruff, drying and keratinization. Especially, its exceptional antimicrobial effect prevents cross-contamination from dogs to human. The shampoo has passed the skin and eye irritation tests for safety and its safety is proven, including humans’ safety when in contact with skin, at the Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at Seoul National University and Chungbuk National University. Natural antimicrobial and moisturizing substances keep dog’s skin healthy and clean. Natural herb extracts protects glowing skin and coat.


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