Stand Dryer – GH-501

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model name : GH-501
Rated Voltage / Power Consumption : 220V/ 60Hz / 1800W
Manufacturer : Hasung Electronics
Country of origin : Republic of Korea
size / weight : 5800x80x1300mm / 10.5kg
Material : ABS

  • Freedom of movement, 180 vertically, roller foot
  • Nozzle can be rotated 360 degree
  • Dual air suction network system to prevent foreign matter suction and prevent motor failure
  • 3 steps temperature adjustment (cool, middle, hot)
  • Free height adjustment (50-100cm)
  • Low noise but powerful motor
  • Quickly dry hair, with powerful 1800W air volume. It’s also generate 50-60 times as many ions as naturally occuring ions are generated, which will make a hair protection effect for healthy and shiny maintenance

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Weight11 kg

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