Pet Grooming Shear

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*Super Ideal Choice for Grooming Shop Production
*2 Classes, 4 Stars for fast production and 5 Stars for top show finish ultra long durability.
*Curved shears are ideal for easy shaping and contouring.
*Comfort control offered by ultra short edge.
*Ergonomic handles with comfortable grips.
*Lefty shears available too.
*Nice looking carton box (4 Stars) or leather case, finger ring and polish leather included.

The "Diamond"is one of the highest quality lines in "SharkTeeth" series.

*Master groomers chose these shears over other price considerably higher.
*Made of high quality Japanese N690CO stainless steel with hand polish finish. N690CO is the top steel for scissors use, making the scissors even more sharp and wear-resisting.
*The workmanship is exceptional. It holds it edge longer than most.
*The modern and ergonomic shear handle design features the"crane grip", designed to help relieve stress on both shoulders and wrists.


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Diamond 6.5" Thinner, Diamond 6.5" Blending Thinner, Diamond 7.5" Blending Thinner, Diamond 7.0" Straight, Diamond 7.5" Straight, Diamond 8.0" Straight, Diamond 8.5" Straight, Diamond 7.5" Curved, Diamond 8.0" Curved, Diamond 8.5" Curved, 5 Star Series 6.5" Thinner, 5 Star Series 6.5" Blending Thinner, 5 Star Series 7.5" Blending Thinner, 5 Star Series 7.0" Straight, 5 Star Series 7.5" Straight, 5 Star Series 8.0" Straight, 5 Star Series 8.5" Straight, 5 Star Series 7.5" Curved, 5 Star Series 8.0" Curved, 5 Star Series 8.5" Curved, 4 Star Series 6.5" Thinner, 4 Star Series 7.0" Straight, 4 Star Series 7.5" Straight, 4 Star Series 8.0" Straight, 4 Star Series 8.5" Straight, 4 Star Series 7.5" Curved, 4 Star Series 8.0" Curved, 4 Star Series 8.5" Curved, 3 Star Series 7.5" Straight, 3 Star Series 6.5" Thinner

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