Teeth Thinner – 6.5″

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Made in Taiwan. Special Asian style grooming designed by 100% 440C Japanese stainless steel with precise thinning blades and hand-sharpened thinning edges to evenly trim hair with ease, will not damage or split hair ends. Provide a natural transition of the area after trimming by Curve or Straight shears.

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For Groomers:

  • A must-have for all groomers! Long-lasting and light aluminum handles, save time and effort.
  • Great for cutting around the face area, easily trim to achieve Asian grooming style.
  • Effectively creates round poodle top knots, pom poms, by using only half the time needed.
  • 30 teeth.


For Pet Owners:

  • Great for trimming mouth, ears and eyes area.
  • Easy to trim around the paws.


Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean with a soft and dry cloth.



  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid dropping from heights.
  • For use with dogs and trimming furs only.

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